Business Insurance

Secure business insurance to protect your business in the case of fire, damages, claims, and other harmful liabilities.

Business Insurance

Business insurance is crucial for even the smallest at-home businesses. If you produce a product, you have the potential to incur liability. Protect your business and your financial wellbeing by investing in business insurance. Jones Insurance Group can help you secure the coverage you need.

Business Insurance Coverage

Business insurance comes in many forms. These different types of business insurance offer your company protection from weather events, disruption, liability, and more. You can protect your property, your products, your time and your financial security with the help of these policies.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects you from claims filed as a result of negligence from mistakes or a failure to perform. This type of business insurance is usually tailored to your business, because different factors can add up to increase your liability. Work with a qualified agent to get the coverage your business needs.

Property Insurance

Property insurance secures your equipment, inventory, signage, furniture and more in the event of a fire. These plans will not protect you from major weather events such as floods or earthquakes, but you can add a rider to get protection in the case of those events if you live in a high water zone or earthquake-prone region. When your property is damaged, you will receive a reimbursement for the value of your items or the cost to replace the items.

Home-Based Businesses

If you operate your business out of your home, your normal home insurance will not cover your business property. You will need to purchase additional coverage specifically for your home-based business assets.

Product Liability Insurance

If you sell a product, you need product liability insurance. This will protect you in the event that someone files damages because of your product. This will save your business potentially enormous amounts of money.

Vehicle Insurance

If your business owns and operates vehicles specifically for the business, you need to get vehicle insurance for those machines. The business vehicle insurance will protect your liability if one of your employees gets injured while driving a company vehicle or causes damage to the company vehicle.

Business Interruption Insurance

Also called business continuation, this type of business insurance protects your business in the event that you have a disruption in the normal course of business. This might be from physically being unable to perform the work required or due to a major event that causes your business to close or wait to reopen, such as after fire damage.

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That's why we have access to a variety of insurance policies.