Long Term Care

Long term care is an important service that many of us will find ourselves needing in our old age. These services can look a few different ways: home health services, adult day care, assisted living communities and nursing home living. These services aid people with the essential functions of daily living, which are called ADLs and IADLS. At some point in time, you may find yourself needing long term care. To prepare for this, you may want to consider purchasing long term care insurance. To learn more about paying for long term care, contact Jones Insurance Group.

Long Term Care Basics

Long term care services assist you with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL). ADLs are those things that are vital to daily functioning. They include things like using the restroom unassisted, bathing, getting dressed, and other activities essential to normal functioning. Homemaker services help with the IADLs, which include things like taking care of a pet, going grocery shopping, managing finances, managing the household, and more.

You can receive assistance with these functions of daily life in your home or at a care facility. This may range from a loved one serving as a caretaker to home health services, an adult day care facility, an assisted living community, or long term care in a nursing home.

Each of these services comes at a different cost. If you have a family member or friend who can serve as your caretaker, you may receive these services at a very low cost. One of the more fretful costs of long term care is the possibility of having to liquidize your assets to help cover the expense of a care facility. Long term care comes at a cost, but with good reason. Most people who enter long term care receive it for an extended period of time and come to rely on it for their daily needs.

Who Needs Long Term Care?

A significant portion of aging adults will find themselves needing assistance during their lifetime. And whether that means a home health aide, living full-time in an assisted living community, or simply the help of a caring friend, many of us will need long term care eventually.

People who live alone, have no children, live far away from their family or friends, or people who have disabilities will likely need assistance later in life.

Does Medicare Cover Long Term Care?

Medicare doesn’t typically cover long term care, especially if that is the only type of care that is needed. However, Medicare will provide coverage for the first 20 days of each benefit period regarding your stay in a skilled care facility if you meet certain criteria:

  • Before your stay in the skilled care facility, you spent three consecutive days in a hospital because of the same health condition
  • Your hospital stay must have been within 30 days of your stay in the skilled care facility
  • Your skilled care will need to be provided in a certified facility

How To Pay For Long Term Care

To learn more about how Medicare will provide coverage for your long term care, or how you can purchase long term care insurance alongside your Medicare coverage, contact Jones Insurance Group today.

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