Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider updating my coverage?

Insurance serves to safeguard the essential aspects of your life, encompassing both personal and business spheres, from unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, whenever significant events or changes occur in your life, it's prudent to consider reviewing and updating your coverage. Below are some instances to consider:


  • Alteration in marital status
  • Welcoming a new addition to the family
  • Introduction of new drivers in your household
  • Children transitioning to college
  • Commencement of a new job or establishment of a home-based business
  • Variations in income
  • Complete repayment of a car loan
  • Acquisition of a new home or transition to a different apartment
  • Undertaking home improvements
  • Approaching retirement age
  • Acquisition of valuable assets such as jewelry, antiques, or high-end electronics


  • Initiation of a new business venture
  • Expansion of your workforce, particularly if it surpasses 10 full-time employees (or equivalents)
  • Seasonal surges in inventory
  • Departure of employees to other companies
  • Implementation of expansion plans involving equipment, vehicles, or facilities
  • Business owner nearing retirement

If you've recently undergone any of these changes or anticipate them in the near future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you in evaluating your insurance and financial requirements and offering suitable solutions.

What should I be aware of in the event of an automobile accident?

  • First and foremost, maintain composure. Reacting with agitation, or worse, resorting to yelling and screaming, serves no constructive purpose. Even if the other party is not composed, it's crucial to remain calm.
  • Avoid moving an injured individual unless their safety is immediately threatened.
  • Refrain from relocating your vehicle unless it obstructs traffic flow. Doing so can alter the accident scene and potentially have adverse effects on any insurance claims.
  • Under no circumstances should you leave the accident scene, even if you are physically capable of doing so. Wait for the arrival of law enforcement officers, as they serve as impartial witnesses to the incident. Only depart when they authorize it. Departing based on the other driver's assurance may not protect you if they later claim injuries. Additionally, leaving prematurely could lead to accusations of a hit-and-run. Remember, some injuries may not manifest immediately.
  • Avoid assigning blame for the accident to anyone, including yourself. Provide a comprehensive account of the incident solely to the investigating police officer.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Promptly record the license plate number, color, and model of all involved vehicles in case someone refuses to provide insurance details.
  • Contact our office without delay—do not assume that we will receive the information through alternative means. It is always preferable to hear from you or a designated representative who can inform us promptly.

If my vehicle is hit and I lack collision coverage, can Jones Insurance Group assist with my claim?

Absolutely. This falls under what is known as a "third-party" claim. While some agents might offer general advice, they typically refrain from aiding in paperwork processing unless collision coverage is in place.

At Jones Insurance Group, we understand that opting out of collision coverage for an older vehicle can be a practical financial decision. We respect your choice to forgo coverage for repairing or replacing your vehicle if you're deemed responsible for an accident. Nevertheless, you still have the option to file a claim if your vehicle is struck by another party who is found to be at fault.

We're here to support you at Jones Insurance Group, not only by offering guidance but also by assisting with paperwork processing, irrespective of whether you have collision coverage or not. Should you find yourself in a claim situation, our Client Support Associates are prepared to lend a hand.

Please be aware: This assumes the scenario doesn't involve a hit-and-run incident and that you're able to obtain the insurance details of the third party involved.

In what ways can Jones Insurance Group enhance the competitiveness of my small business?

Our approach extends beyond merely selling insurance plans. We provide comprehensive guidance on leveraging insurance strategically to align with your financial and business objectives. Our process commences with collaborative discussions to evaluate your business's risk management practices. Subsequently, we tailor a personalized risk management plan exclusively for your business needs.

What is meant by risk management?

It involves the identification of financial or property risks inherent to your business, followed by devising optimal strategies to mitigate these risks. Effectively managing risk is fundamental to business success. While insurance forms a key component of a risk management strategy, it is not the sole solution.

Is Jones Insurance Group focused on a specific type of business insurance?

As an Independent Insurance Agency catering to a varied business clientele, we provide a wide range of insurance products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This flexibility enables us to select from various insurance companies, ensuring that we can find the ideal coverage solutions for our clients. This may entail securing a single policy from a specific insurer or curating a selection of policies from specialized providers as per the unique requirements of our clients.

What's all the talk about long-term care insurance lately?

Increasingly, individuals are recognizing the value of long-term care insurance in covering prolonged care expenses without depleting personal finances. With the aging demographic, long-term care, including nursing home and in-home care, has emerged as a significant financial burden for numerous families. Regrettably, without the safety net of long-term care insurance, families may find themselves at risk of losing their homes, savings, and other assets as they grapple with escalating care expenses. By proactively planning and exploring avenues to finance care, such predicaments can be mitigated.

Is a life insurance policy necessary for me?

Virtually everyone stands to gain from having life insurance, as it serves as a crucial means to safeguard the financial well-being of your loved ones after you're gone. Life insurance fulfills multiple roles:

  • It offers mortgage protection, guaranteeing that your family can maintain their home without undue financial strain.
  • It acts as a replacement for lost income from a family member who is a primary wage earner.
  • It assists in covering expenses for services typically provided by a homemaker within the family.

What amount of life insurance should I aim for?

Given that the objective typically involves providing for your loved ones over a span of time, a commonly followed guideline suggests that each breadwinner in the household should secure coverage equivalent to at least ten times their annual salary or annual contribution value. It's also prudent to factor in any outstanding mortgage balance or substantial debts when determining your coverage needs. However, it's essential to remember that this additional amount should be in addition to the coverage intended for income protection.

How frequently should I reassess my life insurance requirements?

As your life evolves, so do your needs. A commonly suggested practice is to review your life insurance coverage at least every five years or more frequently if significant life events occur, such as marriage, divorce, welcoming a new child, purchasing a home, starting a new job, establishing a business, or entering retirement.

What sets Jones Insurance Group apart from other insurance agents and providers?

  • Over 13 years of industry experience, providing us with the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist you effectively.
  • We are an independent, family-owned agency with a longstanding tradition of prioritizing client care. Our independence grants us the flexibility to tailor solutions to your specific needs, as we are not tied to any single insurance company.
  • Our track record includes insuring numerous vehicles for our clients, demonstrating our extensive experience in auto insurance and our commitment to safeguarding your assets and future.
  • We represent a diverse range of insurance companies, and we have access to many others, ensuring that you have access to a wide array of options tailored to your requirements. Unlike direct writers or captive agents who offer products from only one carrier, we provide comprehensive solutions from multiple sources.
  • With a team of dedicated associates on staff, you benefit from the personalized service of trusted individuals, as well as the collective expertise of our entire team. This comprehensive support ensures that we find the best solutions to protect all aspects of your life.
  • We adopt a "whole life" approach to insurance, considering the broader picture to ensure that your policies work together seamlessly, thereby eliminating potential gaps in coverage.
  • Our commitment to simplicity means we prioritize listening to your needs, communicating in clear and understandable language, conducting thorough research on your behalf, and providing support whenever you require it, ultimately offering you peace of mind.
  • We offer 24-hour claim service, ensuring that you can reach a representative anytime, day or night, in the event of a claims emergency that cannot wait until regular office hours.

How does Jones Insurance Group handle claims?

Our dedicated team of claims professionals stands ready to assist you in the event of an accident or any other claim scenario. Should you experience a claim emergency outside of regular office hours, we offer 24-hour support. You can reach us at 864-660-3535 or report a claim online. We are committed to swiftly sorting out the situation, gathering necessary information, and promptly submitting your claim. Throughout the process, we will continue to provide support, particularly in situations that may be emotionally challenging, until your claim is satisfactorily resolved.

We Are Committed To YOU

At Jones Insurance Group, we want to take care of your insurance needs. We get a great deal of joy and job satisfaction knowing that we are helping the people we live, work, and play with get the right type of insurance that will protect them in times of need.

That's why we have access to a variety of insurance policies.