Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance is key to getting the care you need for your eyes and oral health. Contact Jones Insurance Group to find the plan for you.

Dental And Vision Insurance

Dental and vision care are some of the most important elements of your health and wellbeing. Maintaining your tooth health and vision care are essential to your quality of life and preventing degradation in the long run. If you have less than optimal brushing and flossing habits, you may find yourself developing gum disease, which can impact your heart health and inflammation.

Loss of eyesight is something that many aging people worry about, and this is because our eyesight does tend to change over time. We may go on to develop cataracts or experience macular degeneration, which can inhibit your vision and lower your quality of life. These also come with expensive care needs, which can hurt your budget. Ignoring the problem is no way to care for your health, so investing in dental and vision insurance is a good way to make sure you can access the care you need without having to sacrifice in other areas of your life.

Dental And Vision Insurance Benefits

Dental and vision insurance covers the routine care you need to protect your teeth, gums and eyes. This includes regular exams, dental cleanings, eyeglasses, contact lenses, dentures, cavity fillings, extractions, implants and more.

Costs Of Dental And Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance will cost you monthly premiums along with copayments for your visits and covered care items, such as glasses, contact lenses and dentures. Without insurance, you would be stuck with the full cost for these items and procedures, which can add up quickly when you have regular services. Copayments for your dental and vision insurance will only amount to a portion of the normal costs for these covered services.

Supplemental Insurance Plans

When your primary health insurance does not cover the routine care for health care services you need, you find yourself seeking out supplemental insurance plans. These plans are offered individually or as combination packages. For example, you can purchase separate dental and vision plans but may be able to purchase an insurance package that covers both types of care from one health insurance company.

These health insurance companies are incentivized to offer plans for necessary care because some major insurance providers, including Medicare, do not provide coverage for these services. This leaves an open market for dental and vision coverage, which means you should be able to find a plan that offers coverage in your region and fits your budget.

Like dental and vision, you can also find supplemental insurance plans for hearing care. This care covers regular hearing and balance exams, hearing aids, and fittings. For all of the health care needs you spend money on, consider finding a supplemental insurance plan to help pay for those services.

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You may find yourself comparing a number of providers for dental and vision insurance. If you would like assistance in choosing the right dental and vision insurance for your needs, contact Jones Insurance Group.

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