Yes, it is possible to have health insurance without a job. Whether you’re between jobs or need a long-term solution, you have options.

Individual Health Insurance

This option allows individuals to purchase a health insurance policy directly from an insurance company. These policies are typically more expensive than employer-sponsored health insurance but may provide more flexibility and customization in terms of coverage.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows individuals who have lost their job to continue their employer-sponsored health insurance for a limited time, typically 18 to 36 months. However, the individual is responsible for paying the full premium, including the portion their employer previously covered.

Marketplace Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established a federal and state-based health insurance marketplace where individuals can compare and purchase health insurance plans. These plans are typically subsidized based on income, making them more affordable for low-income individuals.


Medicaid is a government-funded health insurance program for low-income families and individuals. Eligibility for Medicaid varies by state but typically includes those who are low-income, disabled, or elderly.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance plans provide temporary coverage for individuals between jobs or waiting for other coverage to begin. These plans are typically less comprehensive and have shorter terms than traditional health insurance plans but may provide a temporary solution for individuals without access to employer-sponsored coverage.

Deciding on Your Best Options

Individuals without employer-sponsored health insurance need to consider their health needs and financial situation when choosing a health insurance plan. Some options may provide more comprehensive coverage but may be more expensive, while others may have lower premiums but limited coverage or higher out-of-pocket costs. In other words, you can choose a plan tailored to your needs.

It is also important to keep in mind that individuals who do not have health insurance may face tax penalties under the ACA. Even if it’s the bare minimum insurance, and even if it’s for a short time, having insurance is better than none.

How To Take the Next Step

Several options exist for individuals to obtain health insurance coverage without being employed. To discuss your options and find what works for you, the experts at Jones Insurance Group can help. To learn more, call us at (864) 660-3535!

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